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The Body Trilogy Collage
"The Body Trilogy" is a powerful collection of award-winning and important informational films. This is a comprehensive series about people's bodies, the sometimes damaging relationships they establish with them and how they can be helped.

We've taken three of our successful body related films: Beyond the Looking Glass: Self-Esteem and Body Image, When Food Becomes an Obsession: Overcoming Eating Disorders and Emotion and Pain: Understanding Self-Injury and created this groundbreaking series.

Each film is compelling in its own right and will guide the audience towards a greater understanding of the issues that people face everyday.
The Body Trilogy
From the role that the media plays in how we view ourselves to the ways in which parents and other concerned people can help "cutters" end their silent and torturous disorders, these programs are both unique and worldly. These programs have been purchased by teachers, doctors, counselors, patients, parents, and concerned friends alike.

Following in the paths of previous Hourglass films, "The Body Trilogy" is proving to be an exceptional tool for both institutions and individuals.
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Understanding Grief The Body Trilogy Emotion and Pain: Understanding Self-Injury Bullying: You Dont Have to Take It Anymore! Artificial Athletes: The Dangers of Steroids When Food Becomes an Obsession Beyond the Looking Glass: Self-Esteem and Body Image
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