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Nothing is more overwhelming than suddenly facing the reality of death. Dealing with the passing of a family member, friend or school acquaintance can be devastating for young people. Many adolescents resist the concept that grief is a normal or necessary emotion. This video is a resource with information that will teach audiences that death and grieving are natural, inevitable and manageable parts of life.

The producer worked closely with Friends in Deed, an organization which is dedicated to and excels at grief and loss counseling and support. Friends in Deed was the New York City-appointed grieving organization for 9/11.

With the help of Friends In Deed, the film's director, Eric Marciano, identified key elements of the grieving process, found teenagers who articulated their loss, and reknowned experts willing to share their knowledge. While the film is emotionally compelling, it is neither melodramatic nor sentimental. Instead, it explores and demonstrates that while grief can be overwhelming and can't be ignored or trivialized, it can be managed.
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The film includes powerful and poignant interviews with grieving expert Earl Grollman ("Straight Talk About Death and Bereavement") and
Robert Ludwig, Head of the Children's Grief Center at Long Island College in Brooklyn, New York. Social worker Andrea Freshman and the students from Edward Murrow High School also share their personal and intimate experiences with this subject.

"When Someone Dies: Understanding Grief " offer viewers a sense of confidence so that they can move on with their lives after suffering a personal loss. When Someone Dies: Understanding Grief is the first of a three-part series. Two new parts will focus on children and adult’s experiences.
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