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Farewell to Bosnia, Part One

9/11 and the war on terrorism have changed many Americans' sense of war and its effects: what once was an abstract concept has become more personal and a harsh reality.

"Farewell to Bosnia" provides a window on a pre-9/11 world conflict (Bosnia). And it documents the impact of this war on Americans.

From February, 1994 through March of 1995, Gilles Peress' photographs of the Bosnian war traveled around museums and galleries in the United States, including the Corcoran Gallery in Washington, DC, P.S. 1 Gallery in New York City, and the Southeast Museum of Photography in Daytona Beach, Florida. Peress spent 6 months in and around Sarajevo documenting the effects of the devastating Bosnian war on the people trying to conduct daily life in its midst.
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In these museum locations, audience reactions were captured both in writing and in a booth called the Reaction Room. There visitors could comment privately on camera on the images that they had just seen. This 25-minute video combines Peress' powerful photographic images with a contextualized archival film of the Balkans. The film also interweaves selected audience responses and letters to "Farewell to Bosnia" photography show.

Adults and students alike will glean important insights into war and the role and effect photo-journalism and archival film play in our sense of history and culture.
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