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Two centuries before the invention of the World Wide Web with its reliance on visual-verbal rhetoric, a visionary artist and poet was creating seamless combinations of image and word in the illuminated books of poetry that he wrote, engraved, water-colored, and printed.

William Blake: Inspiration and Vision illuminates the life and artistic achievement of William Blake (1757 - 1827), the great English artist, poet, and mystic who sought to rid the world of hypocrisy and to release men, women, and children from the "mind-forged manacles" that chain them to walls of ignorance, disease, and poverty.

Poet, performer, and college professor Jack Ramey, through his oral interpretations of the poems, captures not only the power of the spiritual world that shines through Blake's poetry, but also the indignation that Blake felt about the social injustices of his day -- injustices that still plague our world today. Ramey's script and Eric Marciano's masterful camera-work, direction, and editing bring to life the power and majesty of Blake's timeless art.
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Engaging, educational, and entertaining, William Blake: Inspiration and Vision provides a perfect introduction to Blake for high school and college classes in English or Art and for all lovers of sublime art and beautiful poetry.

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