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Artificial Athletes: The Dangers of Steroids

"Artificial Athletes" is Hourglass Productions' second film on the subject of performance-enhancing drugs.

Their first documentary on the subject, "Anabolic Steroids: Quest for Superman," was called "the best drug-prevention film ever made" by Jack Sullivan of the FBI, who ordered a copy for every FBI field office.

"Artificial Athletes" is a powerful and informative update on this controversial subject.

As many of 5 million people annually, including 175,00 high-school girls and 350,000 high-school age boys, may be abusing these drugs to improve athletic performance, appearance and self-image.
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The program features a number of insightful interviews: Dr. Charles Yesalis, one of the world’s foremost authorities on sports enhancement drugs; Pat Connolly, who coached Olympic Gold Medallist sprinter Evelyn Ashford, and who witnessed steroids use in the Olympics from 1964 through 1988; NFL Pro Bowl lineman Steve Courson; World-Class body builder Steve Mihalik; and NY Islanders’ team physician Dr. Anthony Maddallo,who provides important medical information. Perhaps the most compelling participant is Blaine Keys, the father of a teen who committed suicide under the influence of steroids. His emotional account is a powerful and clear warning about steroids abuse.

Athletes, coaches, teenagers and parents will all benefit from screening this film.
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